WORSHIP, FELLOWSHIP & discipleship

Unity Groups are small group classes designed for focused discipleship. Fall Unity Groups will meet September 4 through November 20. It’s never too late to join a group!

Beginning at 6:30pm, we will enter into a time of worship. Unity Groups meet 7pm-8:30pm.  

Unity Groups meet every week except for the last Wednesday of every month which is our Encounter Worship Night.


Kingdom Discipleship is a one year, two-part study (5-6 months per study), that teaches believers in Jesus how to become joint heirs with Christ to God’s entire Kingdom. Everyone must complete Part I (Kingdom Life) prior to attending Part II (Blatantly Kingdom).

Kingdom Life is designed to equip the Body of Christ to walk out the Kingdom Life of heaven on this earth, in victory, in confidence and boldness, and without fear. Each week we will dive deep into the Word of God so that we may continue to grow in knowledge and understanding of our Lord Jesus and who we are in Him

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Maintaining Marriage is a six month class, which meets one Friday of each month. The class is designed to empower, motivate, and equip married couples to build stronger and more fulfilling relationships with their spouse.

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